CEMS (EMS Billing Software)

CEMS (CIA EMS Management Software)

Custom EMS Billing Software

EMS Billing Software

Custom EMS Billing Software

A complete billing, accounts receivable and management program. In a very friendly manner accepts input (Trip Entry). It can handle every type of EMS patient possible from Electronic Medicare, Electronic HCFA (Blue Cross etc.), Medicaid, Private, Electronic Railroad (Palmetto), Private Billing, Co-insurance Billing, Membership Drives and more.

Posting Cash is just as easy with Electronic Reconciliation Posting, Insurance Posts, Private Posts, Write-offs etc. You can even customize your own posting optons. The system keeps a complete Patient History and offers Aging Reports, Deposit Reports, Management Reports and much more. It can bridge data from both PCR programs like our very own QuickTrip Gold (QuickTrip) or from dispatching programs like our very special (CCAD ).

We offer a very easy and inexpensive way to purchase the software through a lease arrangement where there is no upfront cost. We only make money if you make money and are happy using the program.

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